New Moon to New Beginnings


Have you ever thought about the things that you have done and gone through in the past that not only makes you cringe but shame of yourself? I have been wanting to start a blog to pen down my musing for so long. But often I feel either the blog design isn’t perfect enough to make a debut and I am too much of a procrastinator to make it perfect. Or my life isn’t exciting enough to have anything worth writing. That has stopped me from writing openly since I feel that I am no role model to write. I don’t think people would look up to me to want to read my reflection and viewpoint.

Your glitch is your greatest gift

That thought however change recently when I was in the audience where the speaker was talking about everyone has a glitch that makes each individual unique. Our own fault, mistakes, issues, wrong-doings define who we are and the person we became.

The glitch in the systems sometimes ruin your work and often create a rework but that doesn’t mean the system is redundant. So as us human who faces glitches so many times that it became our greatest gift. We become stronger and wiser and that’s what makes us interesting. Things are never perfect. Humans are definitely not perfect. Those freckles that some hate could be a beauty feature for others. Its looking at the glass half full. Glitch into gift.

With this in mind, and the new moon and Uranus that apparently in my star sign for the first time since 1942 (I can see my daughter rolling her eyes reading this!) today is the day where change needs to happen. Let’s hope it will be a beautiful beginning for the love I have for writing to blossom once again.